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At Barbecue you can enjoy sizzling meats, succulent sauces, steamed and braised vegetables and all your favourites. Every dish are meticulously prepared in authentic All Night Alcohol, Burgers & Chicken, Desserts, Greek, Halal, Lebanese, Salads style, using only the best spices and ingredients. You can order online here on our site for delivery in 45 minutes.

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83 Battersea Rise
Battersea, SW111HW

Barbecue's Most Popular Items


sucuk - spicy, fried


cypriot cheese, barbecued to softness, saganaki


slices of lamb marinated in mixed spices and herbs, grilled on an upright spit


combination of lamb and chicken shawarma


tender baby chicken breast cubes marinated in mixed spices, herbs, garlic, saffron and lemon juice, grilled on skewers over a traditional charcoal grill


chicken wings marinated in mixed spices, herbs, garlic, saffron and lemon juice grilled on skewers over a traditional barbecue grill

Barbecue's Reviews

2,007 reviews


  • Great food, quick delivery.


  • food was cold and driver was very rude.


  • This place is absolutely amazing!


  • This was inedible: dry and salty. Not at all fresh.


  • Bad delivery experience


  • All good for late night and tasty


  • Worst food i ever had in my life never ever again. Even if it was free.


  • Great food and amazingly quick delivery - small portions though


  • Food wasn't great, I mean I paid just under £20 for a kebab and 4 tiny wings. I hate getting these sealed packets as I'm never sure if its fresh or not especially considering how fast it arrived. Best part of it was the Chilli sauce... Kebab wasn't bad but I'm just not sure it was fresh....


  • Seafood salad was fantastic , calamari rings and baby chicken also good bit small portion both but tasty , very fast delivery.


  • Phenomenal chicken, saffron, lemon, salad , magnificent naam..not the usual lumpy doughy stuff, thought i need a glass or two of red wine and put the food order in...kinda as a snack...... stunning food... and i've lived in France...I'll be back at this place....


  • Nah mate


  • great


  • I used to order from these guys weekly but after a two year hiatus having moved out of the area tonight's meal was almost inedible. Never again


  • The lamb was well cooked, very tender. However there was only 4 pieces in the container! And some olives and vegetables. The Naan bread seemed to be more like a pan cooked salty tortilla folded in half. Salad was 50%cabbage and 50% lettuce. Had to make extra garlic bread at home!! The mixed olives were lovely. The fries came in a small cardboard box.. so I assumed it would be a tiny portion however there was loads of fries crammed into the box.... literally crammed! But they were perfectly fried. Overall, quality was good. Can't honestly say it's good value. But decent quality overall. Average delivery times but I ordered on a Bank holiday